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I started this Pool 30 years ago in my second year of law school as a fun way for friends and family to follow the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. My goal was to create something that was a cut above the typical NCAA Tournament Pool and that people would enjoy enough to come back to year after year. Over time, this Pool has turned into a way of staying in touch with old friends and introducing the next generation to the excitement of March Madness.

The sky is the limit for the number the Pool can accommodate, and the more participants there are, the bigger the prize pool will be. Accordingly, please let your friends and family members know about this Pool so we can make it all that it can be for this year and the years to come. We have an alias feature that allows you to play anonymously if you are faint of heart and worried about Big Brother watching you or if you would like to liven things up a little by using a clever handle.

Click on the menu items above to enter the Pool and learn everything you need to know about it. Thank you for participating and good luck. If you have any questions or need anything, send me an email by clicking this link.

I will post this year's bracket after it is announced on Selection Sunday and in the meantime, please check out last year's results.

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