Prior Pool: 356 paid entries ($3,560.00 distributed)
Reigning Champion: Brent Beaulieu - $1,816.60
The sky is the limit for the number of participants the Pool is able to accommodate and the more entries there are, the bigger the prize pool will be. Accordingly, please let your friends and family members know about this Pool so we can make it all that it can be for this year and the years to come. Check the message board below for updates from me and posts from some of the participants in the Pool. The idea is to provide a running dialogue among friends and family and I am interested to see where this goes.

Click on the menu items above to enter the Pool and learn everything you need to know about it. Thank you for participating and good luck. If you have any questions or need anything, send me an email by clicking this link.

Please note that we have an alias feature that allows you to play anonymously if you are faint of heart and worried about Big Brother watching you or if you would like to liven things up a little by using a clever handle.

You are automatically added to an email list when you participate in the Pool and will receive reminders about it by email prior to next year's Pool.
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