The Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games came and went and I found myself as far behind the eight ball trying to catch-up from my trial week as I had been going into the tournament in the first place because of my trial. For the second time in three years, I made my picks in open court, and this time it was while the Georgia DOT's attorney was cross-examining my client in a condemnation case that lasted all week and cost me the joy of seeing some outstanding upsets. To say that I did not have much time to consider what I was doing is the understatement of the year and my finish in the Pool, which actually is about the same as usual, reflects same.

I left Eatonton, Georgia for the last time Friday afternoon and spent most of the weekend helping Matt and Tori get some things in order at their house in anticipation of a new arrival in September that has all of the Oldhams on Cloud Nine. Lynn and I were back over there Monday evening and I was back in Madison, Georgia on Tuesday morning for a hearing on the same client's motion for new trial in another condemnation case, spending all day working on the new case and interviewing one of the jurors from our trial to learn why the jury had only awarded us $75,000.00 as just and adequate compensation in what I truly believed could have been a seven figure verdict in favor of my client if the jurors had understood the case that we presented. One never knows what twelve ordinary citizens are going to do, and the alternate juror I met with on Monday told me that the jurors had been discussing the case all week – which is contrary to the judge's instructions – and we are seeking on a new trial on that basis and other grounds. As my law school classmates and others who do what we do for a living will tell you, there is never a dull moment when it comes to a life in the law.

I spend time each year commenting on the aliases used by people and this year will be no exception, although I am going to save that for later when I can give it the time it deserves. Because I have been continuing to scramble since the first tip-off of the First Four took place on the Tuesday before the real madness began, I am going to take a rain check and will do what I do when I have the chance to do it justice. I know at least some of you look forward to the write-ups almost as much as I do putting them together and I am going to ask that all of you bear with me in that regard. The supplementary work will be coming; I just cannot say when that will be and I better get some other things addressed first (for example, I still have not filed the lawsuit I told Lynn I would on her birthday and I need to make sure I get that done before some other things or I may be sleeping on the street).

Congratulations to Turtle, who broke free from the pack tied at 52 after Week One and correctly picked 5 of the Elite 8, thereby winning the Week One money (while Turtle 4 fell off substantially in the Sweet Sixteen, something tells me that the Turtle Master does not care which of his progency came in where since all of the prize money ends up in the same pocket). Turtle stayed on the rise through the Sweet Sixteen games and ended at the top of that heap with 67 points, 3 points better then the next closest competitors, Rocymount, Mo and JSCHARBER. Tori found her way into the Top Ten, as did Caleb Scharber and Julie McKee who both got 6 of 8 correct in that round. Several others got 5 of 8, including GAR2, my middle son, Rob, BlueDevilsallin (and now out, I might add), Team Anglin, familiar face but Oldham Pool newcomer - I believe - Trevor Pulliam, and one of my personal favorite aliases because of its double meaning, FJB. Turtle lost his shot at the Week Two Leader title by 2 points and Mo needs to hope for Alabama and NC State miracles if he is going to get into a coin flip with JSCHARBER for the Week Two Leader prize money (and in a tie for the top prize money).

Congratulations to Two Brats, who received $.50 each when I saw them for Easter this weekend. Thanks to many of you and your friends and families for the multiple entries and even if you are not doing as well as you had hoped, at least you have a chance for bragging rights over your friends and family members in the Pool.

There are five participants with a chance to win the fist prize money: Turtle, Tori Oldham, Robert W. Conte, JSCHARBER and Mo. If UConn plays NC St in the finals and then repeats as National Champions, then two Oldhams will finish in the top 5 (well done, Tori and Rob), so that is what the entire Oldham clan will be hoping happens over the next few days. If you click on the Combinations link above, you will see a listing of people in the hunt for first through fifth place prize money under each possible National Championship scenario. Good luck to all of the potential winners.

There are 8 or so stragglers who have yet to pay their entry fees and the Tournament will be over on Monday night. These slackers know who they are and need to get their entry fees to me before Monday. I have sent out an additional reminder email to all of these deadbeats and am letting them know that there is no cause for concern if the "check is in the mail" or will be by Monday.

Enjoy the Final Four and good luck if you have a chance to finish in the money.

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