Everyone is welcome to participate, so please let anyone who might be interested in entering know about this Pool.


The entry fee for each bracket is $10.00, cash or check, which you may (i) mail to me at the address provided herein; or (ii) pay using Venmo or PayPal. My Venmo account name is @Larry-Oldham and you may make a PayPal payment to me by clicking this link (please note that the total for PayPal is $11.00 to cover the service charges). A little birdie told me that Big Brother is cracking down on gambling all of a sudden and freezing some accounts used to do so. While I cannot imagine any reason that would happen to me, nevertheless be discreet with your payment references.

How to Enter

Before this coming Thursday's tournament games start, you pick the winners of each game all the way through the National Championship game by using the Electronic Bracket provided. You are awarded points for each correct pick in each round as specified in these Rules. Picks are saved in the system upon submission of an Electronic Bracket and you will see your name or alias, if you use one, appear when you have done so.

Entry Deadline

Brackets must be submitted electronically by 12:00 p.m. this coming Thursday. For purposes of the entry deadline, the First Four games on this coming Tuesday and Wednesday nights are not taken into account. Entries for which the entry fee is not received in the mail by the Monday after the first week of the tournament may be disqualified and everyone failing to pay their entry fees will become ineligible to participate in the future. For those who wish to mail entry fees, the address is: Larry C. Oldham, 416 Pirkle Ferry Road, Suite K-500, Cumming, Georgia 30040.

Multiple Entries

If you wish to enter more than one Bracket, please click Logout and return to the Bracket link, this time creating a new registration. Distinguish between your accounts by using an alias or adding a "1", "2" or other distinguishing suffix after your name or alias.

Editing Electronic Brackets

You may learn some news about a team after making your picks or may simply change your mind upon further reflection and you will have the ability to edit each Bracket you submitted up until Thursday's entry deadline. Each Bracket you enter is assigned a Participant ID that is tied to the particular user registration you were logged-in with when you created the Bracket. To edit the desired Bracket, login with the correct user account, pull-up the Bracket you want to modify, change at least one pick and hit Submit.

First Four Games

There are four games that will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday nights prior to the Round of 64, which starts on Thursday. These games are irrelevant for purposes of determining the entry deadline for this Pool. You have the option of choosing the winner of each of the First Four Games in the games being played (as well as subsequent rounds) and will receive credit if you pick a First Four Team to advance that does, even if you happen to pick the wrong winner in the First Four game.


The standings will be updated as soon as possible after each game is completed, with the updates being reflected in the Tournament Key as they are made in the system.


If there is a tie for First Place prize money, the prize money for the positions affected will be aggregated and split evenly among the tied winners (e.g. if there is a three-way tie for First Place, the prize money for First Place through Third Place will be added together and the total will be split among the winners). If any tie for First Place results in a pay-out of less than $250.00 to each of the winners, the other prize money allocated to the other prize positions will be reduced on a pro rata basis to ensure that each of the First Place winners receives at least $250.00. Ties in categories other than First Place will be broken by most points in a particular round, starting with the games from the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament and moving to each successive round until a difference exists; if still tied, the tie-breaker will be decided by a coin toss.

Prize Money Distribution

The prize money will be distributed to the winners as follows:
1st Place 51%
2nd Place 10%
3rd Place 05%
4th Place 04%
5th Place 03%
10th Place 01%
20th Place 01%
25th Place 01%
30th Place 01%
40th Place 01%
50th Place 01%
60th Place 01%
Most Correct 1st Round 05%
First Week Points Leader 05%
Sweet Sixteen Points Leader 05%
Elite Eight Points Leader 05%
Last Place $1.00

Calculation of Points

Points are awarded based on teams advancing in each round of the tournament, as follows:
Round of 32 1
Sweet Sixteen 2
Elite Eight 3
Final Four 5
Championship Game 7
National Champion 10
Note that that actual amount of the prize money distributed will depend upon the actual amount of entry fees collected prior to posting the Final Results. All participants are required to pay their entry fees no later than the Monday after the First Week's games. The fairest way to handle this particular issue is to subject slow-pay participants to the possibility of being declared ineligible or finding themselves banned from future Pools and to take any shortfall out of the total prize money available at the time of final disbursement. Everyone's cooperation is expected and appreciated.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy this year's Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament.

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